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Youthspirit exists to encourage life in all fullness, attempting to live with the energy, passion and enthusiasm of youth. We are a collective of practitioners, consultants and Project Managers. All of whom, bring expertise, experience and vitality to our practice. We desire to see a better world, where collaborative practice, authentic leadership and relational integrity call us toward our deepest & fullest selves.


Space To Breathe (January + March 2020 ) Ireland, Israel, Palestine

Supported By: The Methodist Chaplaincy, Trinity College Dublin & The Dublin City Interfaith Forum

Want a cultural experience that’s about more than simply visiting a place? Want to get to know real people and their real lives in an area of deep division, violence and injustice?

Space to Breathe is a human engagement processes with ‘the other,’ in order to build habits and practices of peace in contested spaces. Young adults from the Middle East (Jewish & Arab Israeli / Palestinian Muslim & Christian) and from Ireland and Northern Ireland (Protestant, RC, Muslim & Jewish), in dialogue with each other regarding their lived experience of life within disputed territories . Irish and Northern Irish young people travel to Palestine, and then to Israel, meeting with young people on both sides of the wall. Several months later, Israeli and Palestinian young people travel to Ireland to take part in a residential program with the Irish and Northern Irish participants. Using ‘Art of Hosting’ techniques and other cultural engagement tools, participants build a framework of understanding that enables action toward the overall stated aim of the initiative.

Peace Pilgrimages Palestine & Israel

Supported By: The Methodist Chaplaincy, Trinity College Dublin

This Peace Pilgrimage is a chance to visit some of the holiest places on earth, and combine pilgrimage with hearing voices from the land. We combine the beauty of the three great religions Holiest sights, with conversation and learning concerning the experiences of living in one of most contested spaces on the earth.

This experience of the Holy Land is an exploration, not only into the sights, sounds and sacredness of the Abrahamic Faiths’ (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), but also into the conversations and critique that come from people living in the midst of occupation, violence and fear.

The Flow Game

The Flow Game is a unique opportunity, the purpose of which is to give and receive wisdom on questions that are important to us in a safe and supportive environment. The game invites strength and flow to life-affirming leadership and actions. It’s aim is to strengthen, and bring focus into an important area or question in one’s life; a project, a future direction of work, relationships or your personal growth. It is a process, designed as a board game, that generates space for individual and collective consciousness to emerge through reflection, dialogue and interactive learning.

The Good Summit

Join us in Dublin on Thursday 17th October as The Good Summit celebrates the Art of Possible by inviting connections and nurturing networks that motivate us toward a better shared today. Focusing on the streams of Good Society, Good Health, Good Work and Good Leadership, the event provides a  time for sharing and learning, striving and trying.

Taking place in the iconic Trinity College Dublin, we will bring you a space for dialogue that motivates those who feel disengaged and disenchanted with how the world works, offering a platform for solidarity, with new ideas and empowerment.

From global corporate syndicates to local government, NGOs, charities, SMEs, NFPs, social entrepreneurs and social activists. The Good Summit is an event that inspires and fuels the small movements already taking place around the globe. It is a metaphorical raincloud to help cultivate the ground where change is already taking place.

Art Of Hosting

All who operate within the Youthspirit collective are practitioners and apprentices in the Art of Hosting movement.

The Art of Hosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size.  Based on the assumption that people give their energy and lend their resources to what matters most to them – in work as in life – the Art of Hosting blends a suite of powerful conversational processes to invite people to step in and take charge of the challenges facing them.

Wesley Week Taizé (Sunday 2nd August- Sunday 9th August 2020)

Organised By: Youthspirit in conjunction with Methodist / Wesleyan friends around the globe (in particular, European Methodist Youth Council & Irish Methodist Youth and Children)

World Methodist Youth Gathering in Taizé, France

Taizé has been a spiritual home to young pilgrims for 80 years. Based on reconciliation Taizé draws young people toward their fullest selves through their particular worship style and teaching. Every day sees the rhythmic flow of Bible study, small group conversations, fellowship and work together steeped and surrounded in the practice of prayer.

Join in the life and rhythm of the Brothers in Taizé while also sharing fellowship & learning with Wesleyan’s from around the world. We will gather together as young Methodists from around the world to participate in the rhythms of daily life and prayer at Taizé, to experience the teachings of the brothers, to experience shared community life & sacrificial living for a week , and to enjoy special Wesleyan input – invited guest speakers will add to the Taizé program with several special gatherings for all Methodists present.