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Methodist Taizé Week

End of June, early July 2019


World Methodist Youth Hangout in Taizé, France

We will invite young Methodists from around the world to gather; to participate in the rhythms of daily life and prayer at Taizé to experience the teachings of the brothers, to experience shared community life & sacrificial living for a week, and to have special Methodist input to the week.

There will be at least 2 special gatherings for all the Methodists present



The event would be run by Youthspirit in hopeful conjunction and participation by Methodist church in Ireland (through TCD chaplaincy & IMYCD), EMYC, and UM GBGM (General Board of Global Mission)


Taizé has been a spiritual home to youth (and not so young) pilgrims for almost 80 years. Based on reconciliation Taizé draws young people toward their fullest selves through their particular worship style and teaching


The idea - build a youth and young adult gathering where the infrastructure is already present, where God challenges and changes lives, and where reconciliation, peace, forgiveness and partnership are without fail the heart of the agenda.