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Wesley Week Taizé

Wesley Week Taiz

World Methodist Youth Gathering in Taizé, France

We will gather together as young Methodists from around the world to participate in the rhythms of daily life and prayer at Taizé, to experience the teachings of the brothers, to experience shared community life & sacrificial living for a week , and to enjoy special Wesleyan input – invited guest speakers will add to the Taizé program with several special gatherings for all Methodists present.

Why You Should Come

Taizé has been a spiritual home to young pilgrims for 80 years. Based on reconciliation Taizé draws young people toward their fullest selves through their particular worship style and teaching. Every day sees the rhythmic flow of Bible study, small group conversations, fellowship and work together steeped and surrounded in the practice of prayer.

Taizé is all at once a gentle balm for your soul, a gathering of thousands with noise and song, a place of smiles and laughter with old friends & new friends, and a challenge to your mind & heart. Peace sits in the heart of the community. And here, God challenges and changes lives. Living our fullest lives of reconciliation, forgiveness and partnership with God are the very heart beat of the experience.

Join in the life and rhythm of the Brothers in Taizé while also sharing fellowship & learning with Wesleyan’s from around the world … what could be better?

Find out more about TAIZE from the Taizé website here

Special Guests Confirmed so far: Barry Sloan (Germany), Maria Thaarup (Denmark), Damien Carruthers (Germany) + Jools Hamilton (Ireland)

This Year’s Program

Sunday 2nd August - Sunday 9th August 2020

To attend Taizé you must first register with Youthspirit

Following registration you can pay for your group - €22per person

Cost of attending Taizé for the week - paid upon arrival to Taizé

€60 - €88 for under 30’s

€112 - €154 for adults over 30.


There are a small number of travel bursaries available for groups traveling from a long distance - please email to make a request. Applications for travel bursaries can be received up to 6 weeks before Wesley Week (final date 17th May).